MCQ & Online Test – Improvement in Food Resources – NCERT Class 9 Science Chapter 15

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MCQ Improvement in Food Resources - Rabi Crops
Rabi Crops

Online Test | MCQ Improvement in Food Resources | NCERT Class 9 Science Chapter 15 | CBSE Syllabus

Every student of class 9 of NCERT/CBSE syllabus may take part this online test of NCERT Class 9 Science Chapter 15 MCQ Improvement in Food Resources and verify his score to check preparedness.

#1. Fill in the blanks ⇒ ..... nutrients are required in small quantity & called as ..... .

#2. Which one of the following species of honey bee is an Italian species?

#3. Find out the correct sentence - i) Manure contains large quantities of organic matter & small quantities of nutrients, b) It increases the water-holding capacity of sandy soil, c) It helps in draining out of excess of water from clayey soil, d) Its excessive use pollutes environment because it is made of animal excretory waste.

#4. Find out correct sentence - a) Hybridisation means crossing between genetically dissimilar plants, b) Cross between two varieties is called as interspecific hybridisation, c) Introducing genes of desired character into plant gives genetically modified plants, d) Cross between plants of two species is called as inter-varietal hybridisation.

#5. Cattle husbandry is done for - a) milk production, b) agricultural work, c) meat production, d) egg production.

#6. Which among the following is necessary to solve the food problem of the country?

#7. Fill in the blanks ⇒ ..... nutrients are required in large quantity & called as ..... .

#8. Fill in the blanks ⇒ ...... & ..... are supplied by air to plants.

#9. Find the wrong statement.

#10. Fill in the blanks ⇒ ..... is supplied by water to plants.

#11. Which one is not a source of carbohydrate?

#12. Weeds affect the crop plants by

#13. Which is an oil yielding plant?

#14. Which are exotic breeds - a) Brawn, b) Jersey, c) Brown Swiss, d) Jersey Swiss?

#15. Which one of the following is Indian cattle?

#16. Poultry fowl are susceptible to the following pathogens?

#17. Fill in the blanks ⇒ A total of ........ nutrients are essential to plants.

#18. Poultry farming is undertaken to raise - a) egg production, b) feather production, c) chicken meat, d) milk production.

#19. Fill in the blanks ⇒ Soil supply ..... nutrients to plants.

#20. Preventive & control measures adopted for the storage of grains include -

#21. Which fish is a surface feeder

#22. Animal husbandry is the scientific management of - a) animal breeding, b) culture of animals, c) animal livestock, d)rearing of animals.

#23. Which one of the following nutrient is not available in fertilizers?



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