MCQ & Online Test – Motion – NCERT Class 9 Science Chapter 8

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MCQ Motion - Distance vs Speed Graph
Distance vs Speed Graph

Online Test | MCQ Motion | NCERT Class 9 Science Chapter 8 | CBSE Syllabus

Every student of class 9 of NCERT/CBSE syllabus may take part this online test of NCERT Class 9 Science Chapter 8 MCQ Motion and verify his score to check preparedness

#1. Four cars A, B, C & D are moving on a levelled road. Their distance vs time graph is shown. Choose the correct statement

#2. Area under (v – t) graph represents a physical quantity. It has unit

#3. Suppose a boy is enjoying a ride on a merry-go-round which is moving with a constant speed of 10 m/s. It implies that the boy is

#4. In which of the following cases of motion, the distance moved & the magnitude of displacement is equal

#5. One is moving along a circular path of radius r. What will be the displacement after covering half circle

#6. Given v-t graph implies that the object is

#7. An object is thrown vertically upwards with velocity u. The maximum height h to which it will rise is

#8. If the displacement of an object is proportional to square of time, then the object moves with

#9. Which one the following figure represents uniform motion of a moving object correctly?

#10. Slope of a velocity-time (v-t) graph gives

#11. The numerical ratio of displacement to distance of a moving object is



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